Friday, 20 December 2013


I don't feel like I have stopped today. I woke up from a weird dream (about airlifting cars from my neighbour's house to the nearby park?) to sending out emails about the big tour that I'm fundraising for, then I had to run off to work for 7 hours. I came home and quickly greeted my sister and brother-in-law, ate, and then had Skype meetings. I only really stopped to say hello to the newest addition to the family:

354/365 - Zan meets fluffy bunny.
Hello Bugsy! :)

Apparently this bunny never stops for a pic, so I'm really pleased I got this pic ("Oooh, he knows when it's a serious camera!") and was pleased that there was a bit of posing going on! Hahaa. I think I'll take a few daylight photos of the bunny tomorrow. This may well be my play thing of the day tomorrow too. :)

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