Monday, 30 December 2013

Close Up to Colour

I felt the need to take some macro photos today, and the first thing to hand was a small block of wood and some colour pencil leads. Here are the two best pics:

This is both cheerful and disorganised chaos, which kinda makes me very happy. Maybe this is why I like the rhythm of play!

364/365 - Zan photographs colour.
This was my best pic. I like my rainbows :)

I spent a long time doing Pop-Up stuff today. Answering emails and getting myself all ready and organised for the Pop-Ups Adventure Play and Special Guests Tour 2014. It's not the shortest name for a gig that I have ever come up with, but it will do! We're still looking for donations to fund our car - please spare a cup of tea and send us a few pennies! Every little helps! :)

Anyway, after that spot of colour photography, I think I'm ready for a spot of reading, then sleep. There might be a spot of shopping happening tomorrow! :)

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