Sunday, 1 December 2013

I Saw Santa. And Associated Apple Pies.

I think that the Christmas spirit has hit me full on now. Not only am I thinking about Christmas Cards, and the Christmas rush at work, I also had a deep lusting for apple pies today. I didn't have any apples in though, which made me a little sad until I noticed that a neighbour had a tree full of Bramleys. I knocked on and cheekily and cheerily asked for some and came home with 7 chunky cooking apples. A shortcrust mix, some chopping and lattice work later, we have... mini apple pies! :)

335/365 - Zan bakes yummy apple pies.

The plain apple ones are all sugared up and not diabetic friendly. The ones with raisins in are sugar free so have the raisins in to give it more sweetness.
I made 12 but there are only 6 left. Ha.

I was dead chuffed to pick the apples straight from the tree today. And then within, what, 4 hours, they were already little apple pies! I might make more tomorrow - maybe a big one. Nom nom nom, so delicious, and so exciting!

Oh, and to push me further into the Christmas mood, I took a photo with Santa today! It turns out he has a Mancunian accent, wears a scarf, and has been the same Santa for the last few years! He stands on the corner of my local park to promote the Christmas tree shop that's in the garden centre inside the park. He's lovely, and we talked a bit about his dodgy knee, and the meaning of the word selfie. 

Hello Santa! :)

I had a lovely day off work today. I don't think I've managed to do many productive things, but I did make apple pie from scratch, and meet Santa, so I think that'll do. Let the crazy begin again tomorrow!

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