Thursday, 12 December 2013

Three Awesome Things

There's a website which I have been fascinated with called 1000 Awesome Things where every day, ordinary things get celebrated. It makes me happy to read through it, and has inspired today's blogpost: Three Awesome Things

1) When you receive post from a friend, and it's hand written and everything.

My first Christmas card of the year, hoorah! :) Thank you Jenny! :)

2) After much patient extraction, you manage to finally wrangle a segment of pomelo out of it's casing in one perfect piece.

346/365 - Zan wins. :)
A pomelo is like a giant grapefruit except that it almost always tastes lovely, unlike a grapefruit which is almost always sour. The pomelo is so big that you have to peel through the white membrane-like casing to eat the delicious flesh. Amazing fruit. And so satisfying to extract in one piece. There are probably Chinese people everywhere currently shouting "here here"! Hahaha.

3) Trying a recipe for the first time and it's successful. And delicious.

These are Chinese cookies. They are normally made with walnuts, but I couldn't find any in the house, so we used peanuts. Nom nom nom. First bake awesomeness! :)

These are only little things, but it's the little things that make a big difference in a person's life. They certainly cheered me right up, and I'm on my way to another awesome day tomorrow! :)

I did so much stuff today, and although it was busy, I actually feel human again. It's lovely too because I've confirmed a couple of extra stops on the Pop-Ups Tour too. Hoorah! :) Donate today and make it a double hoorah! :)

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