Monday, 9 December 2013

Time Out to Hang Out

Between the world of retail, the craziness of tour organisation and the meddlesome antics of house moving, I am kept rather busy. I don't seem to have much time to do anything anymore. But I still fit it in somehow because I know how important it is to have that time that I get to control, doing things that I want to do.

And if it means I have to hangout with my friends electronically, I will!

343/365 - Zan hangs out on Hangouts.
Hello Lee! :) And hello Lee's tree! :)

It was great to hang out with my friend Lee today, eventhough it was only for a short while. It was the most fun I had all day and it was genuinely awesome to see him. We just chatted and waved. It was nice :)

I'm excited because I should be meeting up with Lee and my other college friends a little later this week. It'll be really good to see them all :) Anyway, time to unwind and get ready for another mental day tomorrow. Yay.

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