Friday, 6 December 2013

Tiny Tiny Loose Parts

The interweb has been offering up some alternative Christmas presents in the last few days, the most notable to me is Project Wild Thing. They are is championing the good old stick as a top Christmas present - I would totally just give a child a series of cardboard boxes, Russian Doll style. Why not, right? Presents are supposed to be thoughtful - noone said they had to be expensive.

So following this line of enquiry, and after a bit of rummaging around, I came up with my new banner for the blog:

340/365 - Zan gets to grips with tiny loose parts.
In case you can't tell what they are, this photo is made up of the broken insides of my colour pencils.

Christmas doesn't have to be filled with loads of expensive gifts. A life full of tiny loose parts is enough for me. Gives me opportunity for play and things to tidy. Haha. I'm glad I had that tiny epiphany. Off to take over the world with play. :)

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