Saturday, 14 December 2013

Zanmade Christmas Crackers

A while ago, I prepped myself for some crafting by creating a mysterious prototype of a lovely Christmas staple: the Christmas cracker. I bought some cracker snaps from a craft store, saved some toilet tissue rolls, selected my paper and I was away! Fantastico!

348/365 - Zan makes some Christmas crackers.

I'm really pleased with the outcome, especially with the filling. Each of my crackers are a little different inside and don't have the usual tacky toys. Mine are full of silliness and are hopefully slightly awesome. Don't they look great? :) Such a simple and easy thing to make. I might make them every year! :) Yaaay! :)

After a rather trying day at work, this was a wonderful way to end my day :) Hoorah for Christmas crafts! :)

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