Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Good Catch Up :)

My friend Andy is awesome. He is a fellow PhD peep, a director of Pop-Up Adventure Play, and most importantly my awesome playworker friend. He's just come back from a trip to Australia and came over to say hello, and to bring me scones!

We had cherry scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam. It was awesome.

We got together today because rumour has it that Andy might be, erm, part of the, ahem, big tour that we are doing! :) More details on that to come! But yeah, Andy and I had a good chat, discussing holidays, and flights, and adventures past, present and future! It's so nice to talk to someone about playwork. I don't think I've talked much about it recently, certainly not about my own thoughts and feelings towards it, so it was nice today to speak without inhibitions, and just to have a good laugh, with good food and good company. Hoorah! :)

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