Monday, 13 January 2014

A Great Weekend

I've just come out of a busy three days, and I'm gleeful because of it too! Eventhough I was super busy, I had a really good weekend, and am still smiling about it now.

On Saturday, I had my final shift at the, erm, video game store, and am now a free lady! My friends Lee and Dave came round to celebrate my last shift and we played Settlers of Catan. Turns out, I really like the game, and have really taken to it. I really appreciated having Lee and Dave there too. They fed me. And shook their heads at my piles of washing up. Oops.

On Sunday, I went for an early morning wander before church. It was a beautiful Winter's morning: the sun was shining and there was frost on the ground. Here are some of my frosty pics:

I used my macro lens, so I could see all the tiny tiny details.

This is the frost that was on the car.

And here is some moss, growing on a wall. This is my favourite pic.

On Sunday evening, I had a Board Game and Baked Goods night, and a bunch of my friends came round to eat. It was really nice to see them all, to hang out and joke and laugh. I cooked for everyone, and baked lots of things. I was particularly proud of my chicken pie, which is the only photo I took that whole evening:

It was crispy and golden, and no soggy bottom. Yummy too! :)

This evening was particularly awesome. I think it's just what happens when people with similar personalities get together in a social context and realise the amounts of fun that can be had. I haven't spent much time with these people beyond where I met them, so to discover this was wonderful! We all get on, it's enjoyable, we mock eachother but only in jest and it's great, because that's all part of the fun! And a few of them stayed until, what, 2:30am? That was well cool - not had a gathering that lasted so late for a long long time! Hoorah! :)

On Monday morning, I woke up to amazingness! We'd finished our fund-raising campaign and had met our minimum target of $4500. Not only that, we'd also met the target that we'd been given by mahoosive playground builders, KaBOOM who pledged to double $2500 of our contributions. So we have $7000 to buy a car for the tour, HOORAH! :) Isn't that amazing? Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! :)

The late night did render me mostly confused for the rest of my day, but when the fog finally lifted, I got it together to celebrate with a quiche. Weee, a quiche! :)

It was delicious. Nom nom nom nom.

And so we come to the end of three very eventful days. I'm going to watch Sherlock now and finish the day off with a bang! Hoorah for an amazing weekend, and I feel utterly blessed to be surrounded by such great people. :)

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