Friday, 31 January 2014


Traditionally, Chinese New Year's Eve is a big family thing. Everyone comes home and there is a big family feast. There is much noise and much food. It's actually much more of a thing than New Year's Day itself.

This year, I found myself oddly lost about this year's New Year. I had completely forgotten that it was happening, so I hadn't really planned for it. But when family friend Kit called to ask if Morgan and I had fancied having New Year's Eve with her, I suddenly found myself again: it seems that I had adopted a little family!

Kit brought some roasted pork goodies from China Town as well as a lovely fresh fish and some Chinese Veg. Everything was delicious! We also had lovely dessert too:

Glutinous Rice Balls (they must have a better name!) stuffed with Black Sesame in some, and Peanut Butter in the others. They were very yummy.

And fairy cakes wrapped with red. Why not, right? Very festive. :)

So this year, I celebrated Chinese New Year without my family, but it wasn't too weird. I gathered a family around me and it was lovely, and I felt quite blessed. I hope that all my Chinese friends and family had a lovely New Year's Eve meal too, and I wish you all a happy and playful year! :)

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