Saturday, 4 January 2014

Doodle Me Hearts

Have I ever mentioned that I didn't like the colour pink? I'm just not a very girly person, but being a girl automatically gives people the right to assume that I should like the colour pink, but I don't. And I think that I dislike it more because of that reason.

Nevertheless, I just spent a good couple of hours with the colour pink and it's various tonal cousins because, of course, there's a Chinese wedding, and when there's a Chinese wedding, there must always be red, and pinks, and purples. And lots of it.

Not the colours that I would have picked, but the recipients and their family should be happy. Hoorah!

And who are the lucky recipients? Well, my cousin in HK is getting married! I don't often talk about my HK relatives because we live very separate lives, but this time, my peeps are going to be represented, so it's kinda cool, so I'm sending a card to mark the occasion :)

Anyway, off to enjoy some tv baking. :)

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