Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Doodle Me Clouds

I've been sorting and packing and tidying and organising. And while shuffling bits of paper around, I found lots of doodles I wanted to turn into postcards. So having spent a whole day being busy, I decided to settle down to some making and crafting:

Hey presto, three new postcards - they will be flying to addresses all over the world! :)

I got the doodle bug straight after making these postcards, so I poked around for a new idea and came up with clouds. And then got down to doodling...

I love these clouds. Perfectly offset with blue skies.
I used to draw sheep like this. Maybe I'll do a sheep doodle next! :)

Anyway, nothing like a good doodle to align your thoughts. I'd better get back to being busy! Hoorah! :)

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