Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Gathering Momentum :)

Oh my oh my, the last few days have been busy busy busy! I've been working very hard on the Pop-Up Adventure Play and Special Guests Tour, and it's all now gathering momentum! The last coupla days have been full of planning, and confirming, and generosity, and excitement!

Planning: Morgan and I have been working hard on getting everything organised for the tour. We've been looking at cars, and what kind of luggage we'll be taking, and the hours we need to drive, and examining the tolerance we have for eachother. There's also our special guests too! We need to brief and plan their time as well! There is sooo much to organise, but there is sooo much anticipation, joy and pleasure in all of this planning. We're going on TOUR!

Confirming: The last few days have been full of calls to confirm locations and dates etc, but I'm so pleased to announce that I will now be going to at least 12 locations across the US! The exacting locations are available here, and genuinely will be one of the biggest adventures in my entire life. I'm actually freaking out about it, but trying to keep it cool. Ahem! :)

Generosity: There have been soooo many wonderful people out there who have contributed to our road trip campaign. A lot of my awesome friends have donated, which is amazing. There are also a lot of nice people out there who I don't know but have donated too. Such generosity - I could not be thankful enough!

Excitement: The biggest news I've had in the last couple of days is from KaBOOM. They are a big playground building company, and they have decided to match dollar for dollar our donations from yesterday til the end of our indiegogo campaign! That means that every dollar that is donated in the next few days will magically turn into TWO. Isn't that kinda awesome?

The adventure, it seems, has already begun while still sitting at my computer chair in the rainy city of Manchester. Fancy that! I hope that this excitement continues to build as I fly to the US, and then is sustained as we travel across the US. More on this very soon! :) Hoorah! :)

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