Friday, 10 January 2014

Mini Study Break

With all the drama of retail, and the company at Christmas, I have to admit that I have been neglecting my PhD. It was with much amusement then, when I met up with my PhD peeps today, to find out that they were in exactly the same boat too. Oops. Shh... don't tell Fraser...!

I'll be honest though, despite the fact that this little meeting didn't involve writing, or reading, or real work, I feel much more motivated, well equipped and ready to do more work. Having this gathering of similar minds really helps to kick-start some action. Who woulda known!

And as always, it was a real pleasure to hang out. Share ideas, discuss thoughts, and be mutually envious of eachother's research. There was a lot of discussion about my up and coming tour, especially because Andy is going too, but mostly because it will benefit my research greatly which I am so very thankful for.

Anyway, instead of going by train as I would normally, I drove to Leeds, and ended up parking almost in the sky. It took forever to get up to the 15th floor, but it made for a lovely photo:

Leeds from a car park, with sunshine just after the rain.

In other news, I should congratulate my cousin Joe and his new wife Maggie. I've seen some photos and they were lovely. I hope you liked the hearts on the card, and hope that your wedding day was everything you wanted it to be! :)

Right, maybe time to rest a little. More tomorrow :)

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