Monday, 20 January 2014


For the first time in a long time, it was sunny outside. Sunny in a pleasant, glowing sorta way. Warm enough to enjoy being outside, but cold enough to appreciate being inside. Anyway, so I went outside. It was probably good that I did because I've not really relaxed for a whole week. I've been solidly working, catching up on precious lost research time for my PhD, as well as finalising details for the Pop-Up Adventure Play and Special Guests Tour 2014. It's been a lot of work, and while living on my own, I have realised how all-consuming it can be, in the best possible way. So while the sun was out, I went outside to play.

Here I am - probably the first time this year I've been outside without a huge coat on.

The skies were gloriously blue. And flowers are beginning to bud.

I thought it was really cool that these leaves had holes. So I took a photo of the sky through it. If it's sunny tomorrow, I might try it with the macro lens.

It was nice to take a breather outside: to enjoy the cool breeze on my face and the winter sun softly warming my skin. It's a real shame that I've had so much to do; Winter-into-Spring is a great time for discovery and walks. Sigh, too much work to do. I can't wait for this month to be over so I can start a new adventure - I'm going exploring! :) Woohoo! :)

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