Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Museum of Science in Boston

I'm in Boston visiting fellow Pop-Up colleague Anna and her family just before the tour (that starts tomorrow!). It's cold and snowy here too, but it's okay - I have been welcomed into a very warm household. It's been a long time since I last visited Anna. The last time I was here there were loads of pumpkins involved!

Today, Anna, her two little girls and I went to the Museum of Science. We took the T (Boston's public train system) to the museum, and got to wander around in the snow a little. It was really fun!

Here's me and Anna with Eliza. Alex is taking the photo. 

This is Eliza and Alex with matching fun hats! :)

At the museum, Alex and Eliza took me to see their favourite spots which included a bed of nails! (Don't worry, it was completely safe.) We also went to an area of the museum called the Design Center where loose parts were given out and children were asked to make a specific object out of it in their own way. Today's project was to make a house earthquake proof - it was pretty cool because the staff weren't concerned so much about the outcome - it was more the process! Almost like play! :)

Look at meee on a bed of nails. In my head, this shouldn't work and should be more painful, but I knew the science, so I went with it. It was kinda awesome.

This is the spot where they were testing out the structures to see if they were earthquake proof. Alex's structure was awesome and withstood a 9.0 earthquake!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I want the future Pop-Ups office to look like. It's absolutely awesome and has sooo many loose parts my heart was all a-flutter!

Anyway, after a super long day, I'm pretty sleepy, so I'd better go. I need to be ready and awake for the launch of the Pop-Up Adventure Play and Special Guests Tour 2014 that starts tomorrow! I can't quite believe that it's happening, BUT IT IS! I'm so excited, and so scared at the same time! What happens if I imagined the whole thing but bought a car because it seemed sensible at the time? Oh well, it's happening now so it's too late! ADVENTURE TIME! :)

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