Thursday, 6 February 2014

Return of the Snow Dinosaur

Remember my Snow Dinosaur? I was so incredibly proud of it when I made it last year, and couldn't wait until it snowed again so I could make Snow Dinosaur 2. But it didn't end up snowing again in the UK and I was a little sad.

I've made the long journey to the US now and I knew there would be a chance of snow so imagine how excited how excited I was when I woke up to snow this morning! Oh yes! Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Return of The Snow Dinosaur!

Look! There he is! It's fat and cute and he sits on a picnic table! 

Here he is in mood lighting. I think he's really cool! :) Yaaaay! :)

There is a lot of snow where I am. Snow Dinosaur 2 was made mostly by the snow that was on the picnic table! I think today alone there was about 2 feet of snow, but life just goes on here. It snows too often for them to panic all the time about it, unlike in the UK! Hahaha.

I'll be honest, I was delighted that there was some snow for me to play with! Yaay for snow, and hoorah for Snow Dinosaur 2! :)

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