Saturday, 8 February 2014

Seven Happy Photos

It's been a rather crazy. Lots of things - quite adult, boring things - have had to happen in the last few days that, well, it makes a person lose track of time. And it pushes out all the time we have for play.

But no fear, there is still play. There hasn't been time to make it public, but I've definitely been having little bits of fun, even if it's just taking a photo or two. Here are seven photos that have made me smile over the last few, super busy days:

Star shaped gummies of deliciousness.

Pop-Up Adventure Play magnets. MAGNETS. You do not know how awesome these are.

Here I am, at the airport. I'd forgotten how amazing it felt to be at the beginning of a new adventure.

This view took my breath away. Being high in the sky - noone else has as tall as me! :)

And this - the colours - look at that! Flying is awesome!

These tiny tiny cupcakes may have been pretty expensive, but they were perfect and delicious. :)


It may have been a trying time but look at me, no shortage of fun, and no shortage of play, and huge amounts of excitement for adventures ahead! Only 11 days til the tour begins and I am EXCITED. Weeeeee! :)

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