Sunday, 30 March 2014

Zan On Tour: Amazing Moments

There have been so many amazing moments during this tour and I need to get them down on paper before I forget how amazing it's all been. Here are some of the highlights of the highlights, from different parts of the USA!

Santa Clarita, CA - Hanging out with the resident play tortoise. He's the pet tortoise at the school we were at, along with the 3 chickens! He's so big! And so fast!

San Diego, CA - Seals at the beach! They're so fat! And it was warm and I was happy!

Fort Bragg, CA - Sea glass beach! A whole beach full of worn down glass! So shiney and beautiful!

The Drive Thru Tree, CA - The tree was so big! But the yellow car almost got stuck in it!

Redwood Forest, CA - An unexpected sunset. Amazing.

Middle of nowhere, OR - The skies are so big, and the mountains so big! Painfully beautiful! :)

Ba'ha Temple, IL - It's so pretty! And look at that sky!

There will be load more photos to come, and another 6 stops of the tour left! More to come soon! :)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Zan On Tour - Water Paparazzi

I climb onto the rocky shore and find water paparazzi.
I gaze into distance as their bright lights flash endlessly.
I don't strutt, nor parade, nor perform, nor exclaim: it's right here I can be me,
Because I am sitting by the sea with my water paparazzi.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Zan On Tour - Hello California :)

I can't quite believe it, but I'm in California. It feels like an epic achievement that I can't quite describe with words, but I will put it this way - I have traveled 3626 miles (plus or minus 100 miles) in 16 days. By car. I want to mark this occasion with a photo. And with a moment of reflective astonishment at, well, making this happen.

This photo basically summarises the awesome here: palm trees, sunshine, blue skies and mountains in the distance. It's all pretty awesome!

Alrighty. Gig number 5 of the tour is tomorrow so I should get some sleep. Hoorah for epic adventures! :)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Zan On Tour: A Series of Selfies

I'm pretty sure that you are all familiar with my selfie habit, so here is a series of selfies taken from the last couple of days of the roadtrip that I thought you might enjoy. :)

Temple, TX - Just after lunch with the yellow car :)

Somewhere between Temple and Lubbock, TX - Group shot! :)

Somewhere just outside of Clovis, NM - Straight, empty roads and me.

Albuquerque, NM - With the alien (read: goat) skull at the Rattlesnake Museum.

Albuquerque, NM - With the cactus!

Life on the road is exhausting. Good news is I'm not sick any more! Yay! :) So glad that I'm doing this whole thing with Morgan. It's been hard work, but with Morgan there, everything feels easier, more exciting and a lot more fun. Hoorah for Morgan! :)

Monday, 3 March 2014

Zan On Tour: Houston, TX

After driving what felt like an eternity through farmland, we made it to Texas! We've been here for 2 nights now, and it's been awesome! It's lovely and warm - we've abandoned our coats and everything! Haha! Here are some photos of our stay:

We wandered around The Parish School's adventure playground. More on this soon.

I rode in the back of a truck with Morgan and our host, Jill.

This is a bucket of butterflies that Jill collects.

It was so warm this morning, we had breakfast outside!

We visited a house that was covered in beer cans. From top to toe.

Even their post box was made out of beer cans!

Morgan and I had some essential puppy time.

Morgan, Grant, and I went antiquing with Jill. It was great.

Finally, ice creams for all! :) Yaaay! :)

It has been an amazing couple of days. We've been completely spoilt, and have been hanging out with such lovely people! I'm a bit sad to be moving on, but tomorrow I get to spend a day at Adventure Playground so I'm not going to think about leaving just yet :) Hoorah for good food, great company, and amazing play! :)