Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Cheery Rainy Weekend

It was ridiculously rainy this weekend. And of course, what better Manchester weather could my brother possibly come home to? My brother and his wife came up to see the nice new house for the first time, and after quite a long discussion about where exactly we are, they actually found us with no trouble whatsoever! Hoorah!

We went to the market, visited Uncle, went antiquing and went yam cha. Quite a busy couple of days really. It was really lovely to see Clem and Fiona as always. It was particularly amusing have them present to us, on arrival, four thingies of pok choi that Clem had grown himself:

Here he is, all chuffed with is crop. Apparently, it has been a very bountiful harvest in his garden!

It was lovely to recount stories from my US trip, and exciting to hear of information from the great southlands. I was also pleased to note that Clem didn't break anything when he was in the new house, which means it has passed it's "structurally sound" test. Haha. In case you didn't know, Clem is known to be a little bit clumsy and has a habit of accidentally breaking things. Knowing that he's been here for a weekend and hasn't even scratched anything means that this house is suitable for all! Hoorah! :)

I had a nice weekend. Just hope it stops raining soon!

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