Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Visitor from Afar :)

My brother, sister, Mum, Dad and Uncle, make regular appearances on my blog, but I also have other family too! Today one of my cousins from Hong Kong arrived at our house and I will be spending a few days with her. Here she is with me and my mum:

This is Karen, my Dad's brother's Daughter. I know that that's called in Chinese, but I only just have a grasp of it as cousin in English? Must be.

We will be going on many adventures, Karen and I, but tonight, had a bit of Sunday Roast, did a bit of shopping, and talked a lot, and it was lovely. She brought some lovely gifts too, with a special thank you to her daughter Kalin who, might or might not be my cousin/niece. These family tree terminology is confusing.

There might be a rainbow loom bracelet in my future!

I have a day of shopping and shenanigans tomorrow so I'd better go finish off my things for the day and get me to bed. More soon!

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