Monday, 30 June 2014

Baked Goods

When I was doing my BA dissertation, I baked for inspiration. Now that I'm doing my PhD, it seems like history is repeating itself a little. My post at the beginning of the month, showed an array of yummy treats, and that was just 4 weeks ago! PhD-mind-fog-unblocking aside, my parents now have lots of new dietary needs which are much easier to bake for than buy for, so now there is a significant amount of purposeful baking too. Here are some of the recent bakes:

Here is a tomato, ham, broccoli, mushroom and cheese quiche. I didn't agree with all those ingredient choices, but my audience is very specific about many things. Turned out really nice - didn't need the ham.

Here's a plain white loaf made from fresh yeast. Really soft and lovely.

This is an sugar free apple pie. Excellent with some nice sweet ice cream for peeps like me.

This one is a sun-dried tomato and basil white loaf. This one was particularly awesome.

This is a completely wholemeal loaf. Really quite dense and crumbly.

And this is a chicken, celery and mushroom pot pie, with a butter and suet pastry. Today's bake - surprisingly great!

I'm really enjoying the baking, and am learning lots of new techniques, recipes and discovering new favourites! Yay! It's probably a good thing that I'm trying out sugar-free and low-cholesterol recipes now because I would be SO fat. As it is, it's glorious and I'm enjoying the baking, typing, baking, typing. Weeeee! :)

Maybe I should have a monthly baking blogpost. Hmmmm....

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