Sunday, 1 June 2014

Busy Baking

Today was a glorious day - I finally got wifi at home! Hoorah! I type this as I'm watching iplayer and facebooking friends and not worrying about mobile-internet limitations! This is glorious!

The absence of the world wide web did give me time out and a chance to bake. I knocked out 7 bakes in 7 days at one point, and realised that my arms were getting a little tired from kneading! Haha! The first bake was here, and the other six are here:

White bread loaf using fast action yeast.

Broccoli, bacon and cheese quiches.

White bread rolls using fast action yeast.

White bread rolls using fresh yeast.

Banana fairy cakes.

Another white loaf using fresh yeast.

I've really indulged myself with this baking. My prized bake being the white loaf with fresh yeast - the bread was soooo soft and sandwich worthy, even a good 2 days after it came after the oven! Super chuffed! It felt so good to get my hands into this baking - I think I missed doing this while I was living out a suitcase in the US. 

Anyway, there's been less baking in the last few of days (only pear cakes today) and more work - gotta get my PhD down! Woohoo!

Off to immerse myself in the online world. I may be some time.

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