Friday, 6 June 2014


A few years ago, when my sister got married, she used magical looking jelly blobs for her centerpieces. There were a big hit, and they're making a come back at Damon and Jenny's wedding. To make sure we still knew how to use them, we decided to make some. Here is what we do:

Here's the packet, ready for play!

Here are the little bubbles in their original form.

They are absolutely tiny, little orbs that feel like tiny plastic marbles.

You put the whole packet into some water.

And then you wait. Or as I did, just take photos of them. You have to wait for a good 6 hours before they grow to their maximum size.

The next day, here they are! Fully grown water marbles? I have no idea what they're called.

And just for effect, this makes me look like I'm actually holding a bubble at my fingertips :)

So there you go! Water marbles! Or Jelly Bubbles? Or fun-to-play-with-blob-things! Hoorah! :) I'm gonna go and play with them again. Hahahaha.

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