Friday, 20 June 2014

Level 30: Lee

It was my friend Lee's birthday today! I went over to his house with a freshly baked batch of scones and in exchange was fed amazing rainbow birthday cake! Hoorah! :)

Here are my scones. A double batch since it is a special occasion.

Here's Lee's amazing rainbow birthday cake! :) A good pic of it too! :)

And here's Lee with his cake. He has been very spoilt today! :)

We counted today, and it turns out that I've known Lee for 13 years. That's almost half my life! And I'm SO chuffed that we're still great friends. Yay! :) Happy happy birthday Lee! :) There will be more celebrations tomorrow! Hoorah! :)

Side note - you might remember, my friend Shazia's 30th was also celebrated with rainbow cake, made by me. I think that inadvertantly, we have have created a tradition, that I reckon should be continued on for my birthday. Or at least, I think I'd love a rainbow cake for my birthday. :)

More tomorrow! :)

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