Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Postcards for Little People

A wise lady by the name of Sylwyn, a fellow playworker, once asked me how it feels to make something that is intended for play. To answer her, I had to delve into moments where I was in the middle of a creative storm - like when I was making the Pop-Up Play Box - to fully answer.

A few weeks before Karen came to visit, I had decided do a bit of doodling, with a view to giving them to some little people from afar. I waded deep into my head to visualise what they might find interesting, until finally, out popped three postcards:

These are specifically themed for three lovely little people.

I had completely forgotten about my love for drawing sheep until this postcard. Of course, my love of robots continues relentlessly. But just in case you were wondering about the third postcard: one of the children has a thing about snooker at the moment. I promise I'm not trying to adulterate here, just continue a theme! Hahaa.

And in reply to Sylwyn, I said many things, most of which I actually remember now. I know that it still feels the same. As I make these postcards for children, I know that I find them inspiring and exciting. If I can find at least one thing exciting about something, children will find at loads more, most of which will be unexpected and probably illogical, but all of which will be wonderful and most importantly, theirs.

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