Saturday, 14 June 2014

To The South!

After an epic day of shopping yesterday with Karen (and truly, it was amazing), we thought it would be apt to have a moment to enjoy some Slatterys awesomeness, and to stare at cakes. Breakfast was delicious and company was great! Here are some of the amazing creations we saw.

So much cake. So delicious looking!

We then had a wander around Manchester, looking at random things and taking many photos. We had a wander through the canals, and stumbled across a patch of greenery in the city:

There was an adjoining allotment here too! So very very cool! There's my Dad.

Very soon after this photo, it started to rain. We wandered back to the car and made our way to the train station so that Karen and I could catch our train to London! Hoorah! It's going to be a flying visit, so my apologies in advance to my friends in London - no time to meet I'm afraid! We, of course, are staying with my sister and her husband tonight in their London abode. And we get to hang out with Bugsy! Yaaaaay!

He's still just as awesome as when I bunnysat him over Christmas! Yaaay! :)

Right, time to rest and prep for London-in-a-Day! Hoorah! Goodnight! :)

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