Sunday, 22 June 2014

Walk, Eat, Train :)

Yesterday, we had part 2 of my friend Lee's big birthday! The day started off with a hike through the countryside, followed up with a delicious tapas meal and face cake, before we headed back on a nice old train! Here are the photos of my day:

Here's me, bouncing in halfway through the walk.

Here's me and Lee, plus other, clearer images of his friends in the background.

We're posing for photos during our walk, thanks to the convenient lady that just happened to wander by.

Here's Lee, presenting us with his face from his cake.

Ramsbottom Train Station - so lovely!

Zan on the tracks! It's like a new reason for train lateness, similar to "leaves on the line".

Me and Lee!

Me and Shazia!

Train - that has windows big enough for you to stick your head out of! So cool! Yaaaay happy! :)

Thank you train! It was much fun! :)

The folks went on for further celebrations in the city, but I was really very happy with the excitement of the train. I'm really glad that Lee planned for us all to go on the train, and I'm really glad that I could be part of his 30th birthday celebrations. Both days were great fun, and I met lots of lovely people. Now to get planning for my very own level 30 celebrations! Hoorah! :)

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