Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wandering The Burrs

My parents and I had a wander around the Burrs Country Park today. We took the opportunity to go when the Bury Show was on. Sadly, we didn't bring enough cash for the entrance fee so we took to wandering around the beautiful paths instead, discovering the sculptures and staring out at the lovely stretches of water. Here are some pics:

Here's a man on a tiny little coal powered train that is powerful enough to pull him and passengers along! It's so cool! I cooed a lot!
Here's my mum, taking photos of everything,

Look at how pretty it is!

It's hard to believe that we're right next to the civilisation in this lovely green space!

We found a mummy duck and her little ducklings - we saw three little'uns in total! :)

Mini duck! :)

And here are the rentals, up to mischief.

It was lovely wandering around the Burrs on a nice bright day. I've been here a few times with my college friends before, but it seems more tranquil and lovely now. Even with all the people wandering around because of the show, it was still a lovely wander. Even lovelier still, I was able to follow this adventure up with a "Hag Do" of Damon and Jenny, my soon to be married friends - hoorah! What a lovely day over all! Very tired now though so... time to lay! :)

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