Sunday, 13 July 2014

An Evening Walk

After my tea today, I felt waaay too full, so I went for a walk. I've been exploring my new neighbourhood recently, and meeting the locals too. Today, I decided to find out a little about the river that runs near my house.

This is the River Irwell. We live in the bend of it.

I walked along and found the other end of the bend, which was really very pretty.

My housing development is still under construction, so the entire area is fenced off apart from our road including the bend of the river. I wandered around the fenced area and, erm, found a gap and wandered through to the middle section of the river bend that I couldn't get to. SHHH don't tell anyone!

It turned out to be beautiful, especially in the summer sunset. It took me a few moments to take in the beauty of this green space near my new home. It made me smile so much!

Look at it! Relatively unspoilt, and waiting for a proper pathway (which is why it was fenced off). I'm really going to enjoy walks down here in the future! :)

And here I am, excited by my discovery, and loving the blue sky.

I'm really quite surprised to find this little green space by the river. I'll have somewhere pretty to walk to in the future. I hope that they finish with the construction here soon so that I can show my parents the new spot without breaking the rules :) Haha. If anyone asks, nothing happened. Shhhhhh! :)

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