Thursday, 10 July 2014

An Unexpected History Lesson

As a lot of you know, I've recently moved house. It's to an area which my parents are quite familiar with because they once lived here, but for me, everything is new. So on my way to and from the local post office (not as close as the old one was, but still only about 5 minutes walk) I usually try to explore the area. It's nice to learn about a new place on foot.

This time I spotted an overgrown patch and wandered over to take photos of the flowers. A couple of minutes later, a lady appeared behind me to ask me what was so interesting and we started talking. Turns out the overgrown area used to be grounds for lawn boules and was owned by the local Co-op. It was closed due to one thing or another, but hasn't been built on because the land can't hold heavy buildings.

The lady went on to tell me that the land that our new house is on used to be a Co-op furniture factory, making really good quality kitchens and the like. The Co-Op also owned the land for the lawn boules ground, and a football field on the land behind the lawn boules. When it closed down, the land was bought out by Halls, the cough sweet manufacturers, and was there for a good few years. The nice lady told me that her husband was an apprentice there! As the brand became more international, this factory closed down and hasn't been used until my new street was built on it!

It was a really nice surprise to hear from a local about this history of the area. I had suspected my development was being built on the site of an old factory because it's in the meander of the river Irwell, so they would have used the water power to make the machines move. It's was genuinely interesting to stumble across some first hand information and I'm actually quite pleased to be living somewhere that has a little bit of history!

Anyway, here are some of the photos I was taking when the lady came to talk to me. It was such a lovely day to be wandering around :)

Busy bees, posing for me in the big white flowers.

I really likes the glossy finish on this flower, close to the ground and covered with grit. It kinda looks fake!

Here'a another photo of a bee - a nice shot of the wings.

These flowers were weeds on the ground, but they look pretty too, right?

Very clearly, it is ladybird season - look at all the ones I found! There were sooo many, and I think that the ladybirds were making more ladybirds! Hehehee!

I had a really lovely and unexpectedly interesting wander around. It's so nice to have a connection to the past, and also a little bit of nature at my fingertips. It makes me feel like I'm part of something when I know how I fit in to the bigger picture: I'm part of a story that will now continue into the future. I was a little unsure about living in the area to begin with, but all of a sudden, I feel like I make sense. And it's a nice feeling :)

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