Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Glass of the Sea

My trips to the beach recently, combined with rich pickings from my USA trip has yielded a fabulous hoard of sea glass! I love the colours so much, I just keep playing with the tiny shiney pieces. While fiddling around with the pieces, I created a little colour wheel:

My sea glass colour wheel. 

It makes me so happy to see this lovely sea glass, but I am yet to find my very own blue piece. My lovely friend Shazia sent me a very rare piece of blue sea glass for my birthday which made me sooo happy. I am yet to add this treasure to my little colour wheel: I hope to find it a couple more friends first. Looks like I'm off to another beach soon! :)

Incidentally, I'd better start noting down where the good sea glass locations are:
  • Seaham, County Durham, UK - 48 pieces in about 30 minutes. All nice and smooth but small. Blue is available.
  • Llandudno, Northern Wales, UK - 16 pieces in about 1 hour. A lot of it isn't ready yet and can be quite sharp. Big pieces. No sign of blue.

Hoorah for sea glass, and hoorah for friends that love the things I love too :)

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