Saturday, 12 July 2014

Last Wedding of the Season

Today I had the pleasure of attending my friends Pannie and David's wedding. I've known the couple for some time, and I knew that they were always very sweet together. It was a joy to see them walk down the aisle today, and be part of their big day.

My day started early and in the company of chickens at a little guest house in Cheshire.

I continued on to the sumptuous grounds of the venue - an outdoor wedding! 

After the service, I was offered crisps by three very pretty flower girls. I think this is one of my favourite photos! 

I also took photos with great friends, Angel and Lisa :)

Here I am with the bride and groom - compulsory wedding selfie! :)

This was the guest book idea for the wedding - a polaroid and signature, which was then hung onto a wooden frame. Very creative, and probably very pinterest worthy! That's Angel and Tony with me in this polaroid - their wedding was last year.

And look at the venue - isn't it gorgeous? We needed to have a medieval feast in here really!

Here's my chum, Milan, who is awesome. She was one of the bridesmaids at my sister's wedding.

Cake time - the wedding cake was topped with two icing guinea pigs (both bride and groom own a real one each). The flowers on the cake were done by my mum, and the garland was also her creation - looked great eh? :)

And then of course there's a pile-up of children on Zan. Of course :) I think you've met Nina and Hannah before. The squirmer on the right there is Esther.

It was a lovely wedding today - the first one I've ever been to that was outside. The venue was luxurious, the weather was wonderful, and the bride and groom were thoughtful with everything that they planned for their guests. It was also rather lovely for me not to be doing much at a wedding. It's been a while since that's happened!

This is the last of my weddings for a while now - I'm glad that this wedding season was short with only last week and this week to attend. I'll be honest, I'm all wedding-ed out. It was a good way to finish though with an ourdoor wedding - one we'll be talking about for some time! I'm glad I'll be getting a break from this type of celebration now. Maybe it'll be christenings next though... hmm...

My best of wishes to Pannie and David. Thank you for asking me to be part of your wedding! May God bless you on your journey ahead!

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