Sunday, 27 July 2014

Level 30: Zan :)

I spent a couple of days celebrating my 30th birthday with friends and family. I had a lot of fun in some really great places and have eaten a lot of good food including some amazing cakes! Some of you will remember that I celebrated an early birthday with my friends Shazia and Lee last week. That was a great way to start off the celebrations as the first of many!

Here is the group photo from my celebration with my Chinese friends on Friday evening. Lisa, Martin and Fiona, who live locally, were able to get Damon, Jenny, my sister and brother-in-law to journey from far away and celebrate with me! We had a nice meal, then we raided the arcade like teenagers - so much fun! Here we are holding the prize that we got in exchange for the tickets we earned - we got one each! :) I also got a marvelous little book from them with lots of messages from all the other Chinese folk who couldn't make it - thank you to everyone who made the effort! :)

As a family, we are now becoming pretty skilled at family selfies! Here we all are with my cake on my birthday day having come back from an adventurous day at The Forbidden Corner in Yorkshire. We had lots of fun, ate very well, and Chris made me an awesome rainbow cake too! Hoorah! I also must thank them all for the Hot Air Balloon ride that they bought me! There are balloons in my future! :) I know you were all shattered after a long day, so thank you all for having fun with me on Saturday! :)

Okay, so I'll have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to turning 30. I wasn't having a crisis or anything, it's just that I was feeling a bit old. However, being surrounded by so many people who love me, and are willing to take me to fun places because they know I'd like it was very heart warming, and really did start my thirties as I mean to go on!

So as I look back on 30 years of being Zan, I know that I have a lot to thank God for. And I know that there's a lot for me to do in the next thirty years too! So even though being 30 is a new thing, I don't think I'll be scared of it any more because it's going to be great - there are so many exciting adventures to come and I can't wait to get started! As I will always say now, I'm not older, I'm just levelling up! And when you level up, you get more powers, more skills, and you totally have more fun, right? :)

Thank you to everyone who was part of my birthday weekend - it was great to see you all! And thank you to all the lovely messages I got too - it's lovely to know you're all out there! I had a lovely weekend, and there are a few more 30th celebrations to come so watch this space! :)

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