Sunday, 6 July 2014

Mr and Mrs Damon Li :)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of witnessing my friend Damon marry his lovely wife Jenny. I've known Damon for a long time, working through a lot of high school, college and university together, but in separate locations. When he first told me about Jenny, I was so pleased for him, and knew it wouldn't be long until there'd be a wedding. And yesterday, I was there, and I was SO chuffed.

Here they are, the happy couple.

Here's me, my brother, and Damon!

And here's me, my sister and Jenny!

Of course, not only did we celebrate the joining of two people yesterday, we also celebrated friendships and family. I was able to spend some precious moments with friends and family who live really far away now, some of them in other countries. It was a lovely day to catch up, meet new little people and welcome new people into our lives.

And also a great opportunity for photos, hoorah!

This is the Cake Police.

This is meeee!

This is what happens when you take your family into a photo booth!

And this is a very stylish photo with a beautiful sunset. That's Clem, Chris and Ricky.
(Sorry James, had to cut you out cos it was too dark.)

I'm so pleased for Damon and Jenny! They are perfect for eachother, they are such a lovely, caring couple. Their day was wonderful - everything went smoothly, the venue was beautiful, the food was amazing, the cake was delicious and everyone went home happy! Hoorah! :) I wish Jenny and Damon all the best for their journey ahead, and hope that God showers them with blessings every day! Congratulations!

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