Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sea Glass

A couple of years ago, I learned about about sea glass by stumbling across this website. The photos and the colours completed fascinated me - I think I like the finish on the glass as well as the fact that it's all found material. The day that I discovered the existence of a Sea Glass Beach, I felt like I had hit the jackpot: I wanted to go instantly.

So when we were on Tour and there was a whole day in California to go and look around, I voted whole-heartedly to go to Sea Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg is a small coastal town on the edge of the Red Wood Forest. It's actually a really cute little town, accessible by only the one road that goes through it, and, well, it was kinda awesome.

I was there with Morgan and Andy, and when I told them about Sea Glass Beach, they weren't quite as enthused as I was. Especially when I mentioned that the beach used to be a dump site, and the glass is still there because it all got washed up after the rubbish was cleared away. But it was actually really cool, and they loved our visit in the end. Here are some photos:

This is the beach, super beautiful and in a little alcove in the land.

Here's me, super excited about my visit.

Look closely at this beach, it's made up of small, smooth bits of glass and smaller stones. If you weren't thinking about it, it would just look like see-through pebbles.

Here's a photo of me holding some of this amazing sea glass. I could have spent all day here, looking for the elusive blue sea glass.

Today, as I moved some things around my room, I came across my stash of sea glass that I found while on tour. It made my heart swell a little knowing that I'd discovered this gems, and then set out to find the entire beach worth of it and actually have come back with stories and souvenirs. Here's my sea glass collection:

I have some teal/turquoise pieces, which are the nearest to blue I'll get for a while, but it's all lovely right? The colours are awesome! :)

Morgan has the biggest collection of sea things I have ever seen (we discussed at length what she was going to do with it, but she's still unsure) and so was a little amused with me when I put all of my sea things just into the same bag. All of her's is bagged up according to location, and is all very methodical, if not a little weighty and a little mad. Some of my sea glass is actually lake glass - that pink wobbly piece is from Lake Erie, and one of the green ones is from Lake Michigan. I don't really think I necessary mind where all the rocks come from, but I can say I picked up sea glass in lots of places in the USA, and I can tell people how beautiful it was.

And with that, I'll say, perhaps there will be some sea glass to come this weekend! Who knows! Hoorah for sea glass, and hoorah for adventures that give great stories. :) YAY! :)

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