Monday, 28 July 2014

Super Zoodle

To celebrate my own birthday, I decided to draw myself the biggest and best zan doodle ever. It took about 3 weeks on and off to draw, and ended up being A3 sized, and possibly my best piece ever!

I am SO proud of it, I made prints of it which I have been giving some of my fellow newly third decade friends. Here I am on the day I got my prints! :)

I shrunk it down to A5 size and all the tiny stick men look so tiny but cute! I was SO excited.

This is a wonderful addition to my fun doodle page and I'm dead chuffed with it. It might have taken a long time to draw but it was totally worth it. Especially to see prints of it. I've always wanted to make prints of my own work. HOORAH! :)

Now the big questions: who wants to buy a print of my work? :)


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  2. I definitely think you should 'commercialise' some of your doodles; make them available as canvases, prints, mouse mats and other items. Do you have an online album displaying all of your doodles? You should definitely look into making them available for purchase... I know there have been a few I'd want on the walls in my study!


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