Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Video Game Friends

Twice upon a time, I worked in a video game store. I had taken the job to while away some time, and of course I wanted to be deeply ironic within my field of play. It wasn't all just irony, I picked up skills that I never thought I had, and worked on others that were previously terrible. I learned about video games, and also learned how to pretend I knew about video games. I worked hours at all times of the day, frequently without much appreciation and mostly with impatient, shouty customers who were messy and impolite. I often think back and wonder, hmm, was it worth it?

But of course there was something wonderful to take away! I gained a marvelous group of friends during my 2 ish years at the video game store! Hoorah! And yesterday we got together for a fun evening of eating and board games! Yay for continual irony!

This is Keepon. He dances. HE'S AWESOME. Remember him from the adverts on tv?

Here we are, chatting in the garden.

Here's the host, ready for Pictionary.

And here we are, playing late into the night in the garden with the cool fire thing.

I had a lovely time catching up with my ex-colleagues. It's always a good laugh, and they're just the easiest going lot I've ever hung out with. We had some wonderful food from our host Amanda - a homemade quiche, homemade pizza, chili and loads of fun desserts! Nom nom nom! What a wonderful way to spend an evening - thank you Amanda for having us, and thank you to Rick, Big Ash, Little Ash, Sarah, Ryan, Tom, Ant, Adam and Amanda too for fun times! I'm sure we'll be gathering again soon! Hoorah!

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