Sunday, 20 July 2014

We Go Llandudno

After telling my parents about sea glass, they wanted to get some of their own. So we went to the beach! This time we went to Llandudno in North Wales and it turned out to be a lovely day!

Mum and Dad, messing about in the rocks.

An amazing view.

Me and mum, climbing rocks.

My dad, looking for sea glass.

Here I am with the amazing cove - it's lined with a row of really neat looking houses.

Mum and Dad at the beach.

We had a walk along the pier.

Then we went to look for sea glass on the beach. The weather was gorgeous.

Zan, feet, beach, sky. Yaaay! :)

Group picture with the sea.

Group photo on the tour boat - a bargain 15 minute boat ride!

Happy Zan at Sea!

Look at that glorious sunshine. So lovely!

My parents did find themselves some sea glass, but not that much, and soon lost interest in favour of admiring the surroundings because it was gorgeous! As we drove to Llandudno today it was really grey and rainy, but turned out to be such a lovely day! I've had a good fill of sea air, and am tired in a really warm and fuzzy way. It was nice hanging out with my parents too and fun to have a spontaneous day out. Hoorah for the beach and hoorah wonderful weather :)

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