Saturday, 19 July 2014

We're Going on a Sea Glass Hunt

My amazing college friends Shazia and Lee took me to the beach today for an early birthday celebration. Even though the day started with pouring rain, we persevered and drove all the way up to Seaham, County Durham for a wander around the beach in hunt of sea glass.

Here we all are, in the car. Lee drove and Shazia navigated. I spent a lot of time talking and/or singing to Disney's The Little Mermaid.
When we got to County Durham, the weather was actually quite nice. We stopped to take some photos at a nearby beach front before continuing on to Seaham, rumoured to be a good sea glass site.

So pretty!

Me and Shazia - there's going to be an exact version of this photo but reversed in her camera.

Mee and Lee! So happy! :)

When we got to Seaham, people were milling around on the beach front enjoying a warm sea breeze. We went to get some fish and chips (you have to get fish and chips by the sea) and then as big fat drips started making an appearance on our raincoats, we wandered down to the beach to find out whether our trip would yield us much gold. I mean, sea glass :) 

Lee surveys our beach - the clouds are gathering, but our spirits are high and our bellies are full.

The beach is amazing - pebbly and exciting, with plenty of interesting things to pick through.

And yaaaay, UK sea glass! I'm sooooo incredibly excited! More photos of them another day.

The weather turned bad so we took refuge in a local tea shop and dried off a little before hanging out in the car for present and cake time. Remember how on Lee's birthday and Shazia's birthday, they both got rainbow cake, and how I suggested that I also get cake for my birthday? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I got the best cake ever.


I AM UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED AND HAPPY ABOUT THIS! Everyone must congratulate Shazia immediately on her cake making skills. RIGHT NOW.
My friends understand and love me so much. They know my love of rainbows, and cake, and sea glass and adventures. They spent so much time on me, researching beaches, baking cake, driving me around. They know that all I ever really want is to spend time with them, and that even if the day ends up a bit of a wash out, it's still amazing cos I spent it with them. Shazia and Lee are AWESOME.

I feel very blessed right now to have such lovely friends. The last 13 ish years of friendship has been wonderful - I'm looking forward to spending many more birthdays with them! :) YAY! :) Thank you, thank you for an amazing day! :)

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