Friday, 8 August 2014

A Gift From Far Away

Today I heard the postman fight with a parcel at my door. There was quite a scuffle, which lasted for long enough for me to make my way to the door and stare at it, until eventually, he rang the doorbell. Turns out the parcel wouldn't fit through the letter box! It was very exciting because it had my name on it! Hoorah!

As it turns out, it was a parcel from far far away in Hong Kong from my cousin Karen (who came to visit us recently) and her family! They sent me a purple rain coat and a pretty hand made card, signed by everyone! Hoorah!

Here I am, super happy and very purple!

From far far away!

Thank you so much to my HK family for this thoughtful gift and thank you so very much for such a lovely card! I know it must have taken a while to track down all the children to sign the card too, so thank you for working together on that! Yaay! This has made me very happy! :)

This was a lovely surprise, and has really added to the awesomeness that has been my Level 30 celebrations. This is turning out to be quite a marvelous start to the year. I might take the opportunity to make a year of it. Hahaha :)

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