Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Good Looking Loaf

So my mum and I are both experimenting with baking that is suitable for my Dad's diet. He's borderline diabetic, but would like to keep it that way, but it doesn't stop him staring sadly at the delicious bakes we make, unable to have any. In a bid to also keep him fueled with baked goodies, my mum and I have been experimenting with lots of different recipes, and making a whole bunch up too!

And with that, the first thing we explore is wholemeal bread. I think I have the recipe down to a T now, I just need to do it a few more times to ensure that it comes out like this every time:

Loook! It looks like the loaf that everyone draws when they draw loaves of bread! I know I sound crazy, but look at that top!
100g strong white, 400g strong wholemeal.

Yay, Zan and bread! Hello! :)

The texture was good, nice distribution of holes, springs back when you squish it, and has a nice taste! Yaay! Bread success! :) There will be sandwiches and so forth tomorrow, and the loaf will likely be gone by mid-week, but hey! I call this a success! Hoorah! Diabetic friendly bread! :)

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