Thursday, 14 August 2014

Antiquing Weather

My parents and I have been staring out of the window for a couple of days at the insta-sun, insta-rain weather we've been having. It might have been the remnants of Hurricane Bertha, but I suspect it was just good ol' Manchester, reminding us of what it is capable of after almost 2 months of sunshine.

But today I had had enough. I did a quick google, bundled my parents into the car and we went antiquing! We went in search of new antique centers and found one about 40 minutes from where we live and we were very pleased! It's in an old mill (they all seem to be in old mills) but seemed to pride itself on clean, well restored antique furniture and nik naks.

They didn't allow photos inside so here's a pic of the door! Hoorah!

I really liked how this antique center is well laid out. You don't feel claustrophobic, and you don't really feel grubby when you come out. What it lacks in dust it makes up in quirkiness. Preston Antiques Center has a lot of a really cool, really odd stuff in there and someone has taken the time to look after it so it doesn't look like it'll burst into a cloud of dust the moment you touch it. Hahaha.

And of course I couldn't resist buying me a little something. I found a tiny little baking measure - the same size as a shot glass, but it's for measuring teaspoons or tablespoons of things. I bet this thing isn't very old, but I love the finish on it, and I am totally going to use it when I next bake! :)

Hello tiny little measuring glass :)

It was nice to do a little exploring after a couple of days watching dvds. Let's hope the weather dries up a little so I can go on some fun outdoor adventures! Yay for antiques! :)

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