Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Challenge Accepted

My lovely friend Rick nominated me for the now infamous ice bucket challenge. Now, the Ice Bucket Challenge has become something of a viral thing - someone gets nominated and within 48 hours of that nomination a bucket of water is thrown over that person's head and evidenced as a video. That person gets to nominate more people to be challenged by this feat. It has been vastly propelled by famous people who have recently wanted to help the ALS Association raise both awareness and money, and now millions of dollars have been donated to fund research that people didn't previously know existed. Personally, I am quite amazed at how much money has been given to the cause!

Okay, so some people aren't doing it properly, and others are actually getting hurt doing weird stunts on camera. There are a vast number of people who are only doing it because everyone else is. But what is my motivation? Well, I'd like to continue the chain. I have founded a charity and work for it daily and know the struggles of keeping it alive. Sharing stories, challenges and ideas are the ways in which a charitable organisation can keep afloat. I invest time in the causes I believe in because for 3 years I was working for free for my own charity and all I was able to give was time. And if awareness can be brought to a charity just because I film a short video of me throwing a bucket of water over my head, then that's great, I'm in. I will do my part to perpetuate a movement, as I continue to work hard to push my own movement forward. Sometimes you have to risk stepping out of your own comfort zone to reach out to others. And believe me, if you know me well, there's one thing I hate most in the world, and that is being wet.

Anyway, serious stuff over, are you ready for my video? :)

A big thank you to my friend Lee who helped me video this. And to my parents who found the whole thing hilarious.

Best of wishes to my friends Shazia, Ricky and J as I nominate them to be next. Hoorah for donating what you can to worthy causes!

PS - I also had a late nomination from Valerie Lee! Hoorah! CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

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