Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Keyboard Zoodle

When I met up with Nancy on Friday, we were too busy having adventures to exchange presents. To rectify this, we met up today to shower eachother with loveliness. It was, of course, a great excuse to hang out again. :)

Nancy treated me to some lovely gifts, which I will be posting about at a later date. I showered her with a variety of lovely little things, the one that she was most taken with was the Level 30 Super Zoodle. We had a lot of fun looking through it and giggling at the craziness I drew on a massive scale.

And of course, the doodles don't stop there. I've been sitting on another one for a couple of days:

Guess what I was inspired by! Hahaha. Keyboard zoodle! :)

For some reason, I feel compelled to doodle sometimes. Don't tell anyone, but there have been many-a-sermon and many-a-lecture which I have doodled through. It helps to focus, helps me to listen, and sometimes it even helps me to process abstract concepts. I like it. It feels like play. Anyway, should you want to see some more of these Zan doodles, please click here.

It was lovely to catch up with Nancy again today - we very seldom see eachother since she lives down south and I live up north. I feel very blessed to have seen her twice in a week, and I'm also really chuffed that she likes my work :) Hoorah for Nancy and hoorah for doodles! :)

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