Thursday, 21 August 2014

Little Critters

The weather today was nowhere as pleasant as yesterday, so I decided to have my adventures indoors. I went to visit some pet shops to visit the little critters who were hanging out, and being pawed over by sticky children. Here are my favourite photos of the day:

This little fishy is spectacularly coloured! Look at it! It was staring at me for ages!

This little bunny was the king of his house. No nonsense from this bunny! Look at that ear!

Fluffy guinea pig! His fluff looks like how mine was yesterday!

I have no idea what this little critter was, but he was very intent on eating whatever he was eating. Nom nom nom.

I actually had a nice little wander, visiting all these little creatures. Had a couple of little PhD brainwaves and one creative idea too, so that's always an added bonus! Hoorah! More fun tomorrow :)

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