Thursday, 7 August 2014


Our lives are made up of many things. There's family, there's friends, there's education, there's work. We have beliefs, we have experiences, we have pets, we have favourites. We love some things, we hate others. Stuff we enjoy, stuff we abhor. Each of these particulars are patterned patches on a quilt, coming together to become a technicolour blanket of warmth that is your life:

I really enjoyed this doodle. New pencil crayons = new colouring adventures! :)

Sometimes the patches on our quilt may unravel at the seams, ever so slightly coming away from the whole. It might be under stress, or perhaps it got damaged. It might have gotten wet and is loosing its colour, or didn't quite make it through the wash. Sometimes the patches on our quilt just won't stay together.

It's what you do next that's the big thing. Do you try and fix it yourself? Do you use some tape to keep it all together, hoping noone will notice? Do you just let it fall apart, giving it up as a lost cause? Maybe you choose to replace that patch with another, better patch. Maybe you patch over the hole hoping that the new threads will keep the old patch on?

And every so often, you let someone else help you patch things up. Because sometimes you can't see the patches coming away and you need a kind friend to gently point it out. Because sometimes you don't have the strength to re-patch again and again, but those who care about you will help you to sooth over those holes. Because it is our friends and family that make us strong, even at our weakest. It is those who are close to you who will stick with you, nomatter what the state your patchwork quilt is in. Because that's what friends and family do.

You know that big purple starry patch on your technicolour patchwork quilt that doesn't seem change very much? That's me. :)

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  1. I'm actually emotional.... What a beautiful blog entry (and doodle!) ��


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