Friday, 15 August 2014

The Big Chop

I have always had a lot of very thick hair. Ever since I was a kid, my family have joked about how I have so much, I could sell the stuff, and I'd have some left over! Well, today that all kinda came true! But first a little background.

I've only had short hair once. I was 11, protested a lot, shed some tears, but alas 3 hours of home-haircutting later, I had very very short hair. I didn't like it much but you know, I was 11. Since then I have insisted on having long hair, with any haircut taking it to shoulder length and nothing shorter. I didn't really want to go back to that 11 year old hair cut that I really didn't like. You all want a photo of 11 year old me now don't you? Maybe next time!

I wish I have some photos of me with my hair down but sadly, as a result of my dislike of styling my own hair, I always seem to have it up for the thousands of selfies I have of myself. Here's a pic of me from Seaglass Beach with my hair down - that's the most recent photo of me with my hair down and it was in March so my hair got LOADS longer after that.

So today, I decided to cut off the lashings of long hair I had and donate it to charity! I have been carefully cultivating my hair for this purpose for over a year and a half, and today, I chopped it all off. There is a gallery of photos on my facebook page on how it happened - all thanks to the hairdresser at LupaTom.

I was a little bit sad, but because I have been preparing myself for this day for a while, I didn't shed a tear. Actually, I was pretty excited! I really want to help people, and this particular way of helping a person is of no personal loss to me whatsoever. Well, apart from over a foot of hair, but that sort of goes without saying. The peeps at LupaTom were lovely and very encouraging about the whole thing so I didn't feel weird about chopping all my hair off at all. The customers at the hairdressers were really surprised about what I was doing, and were super curious about the whole process too. And when it was over, I'm pretty sure people clapped. They might have clapped in my head though. Ready for the photo?

Here I am! The shortest hair I've had for 19 years! In fact, other than my siblings and parents, and maybe Nancy, noone that I am still in touch with will remember Zan with short hair!

This is a lot shorter than I was envisioning, but the hairdresser reminded me that since I was donating it, every inch counts, so I thought - alright then. Short hair it is! Deep breath! I quite like the results though, but I will have to look after it a little now otherwise I could look insane.

I really hope that all that hair will be able to help someone who needs it, to increase their self confidence and make them feel pretty. I've asked for my hair to be donated to make wigs for children - I hope I can bring a little joy to the lives of little people with no hair. 

And now I will have to get used to life with short hair. I'm looking forward to bed hair in the morning, and I know that there will be some epic windswept selfies in my future. I'm excited - new hair times! Hoorah! :)

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