Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Late Summer's Sun

Some time half way through last week, I seriously considered digging out all my winter clothes. The weather in Manchester has been glorious this summer, and for 2 whole months we actually had hot Summer sunshine. And then, of course, it was all change. It rained for about 3 days and then everything went a lot cooler. I reckon we'll get another week of sunshine before the leaves start falling from the trees. Let's hope it stays mild until we get to September.

So in a bid to capture these final days Summer sun, I took my camera out for a walk today. I took lots of photos, but one of them stuck out:

I have no idea what this bug is, but the loop tail is really interesting. I was intrigued about how spiders could distinguish between the wind blowing on the web, or the wriggling of its next meal.

I think I'll have another walk in the sunshine tomorrow, if it's sunny. I should take advantage of the sun while it lasts, and perhaps hold out on bringing out the jumpers until a little later on.

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