Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Train Track Adventure

My parents and I went for a wander around The Burrs Country Park today. We had a bit of fun exploring the surroundings and enjoying the sunshine.

This is the River Irwell - the pretty part :)

My parents in the middle of the nature :)

And here they are, messing around :)

We wandered further along and eventually stumbled across a mysterious path that led to a train track! In the middle of the countryside! It was really cool! I was totally taken by the awesomeness of it all!

Yaaay, this is the East Lancs Railway line - we went past here on Lee's birthday!

Standing on a train tack - so cool!

And then moments later - a steam train trundles past! Hello everyone! :)

We had no idea that we would find the train tracks today, so it was a real surprise to stumble across them. Both my parents were super excited (my mum took many photos) and it really gave our adventure a real umph! We live so close to the park, so I think that I will be back to watch the trains go by - how much more leisurely can it get! So wonderful to have such great countryside so close to where we live! I feel very blessed. Hoorah! :)

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